Lerato Kganyago on strong black women being ‘targets’ of PhD syndrome

The radio star used to blame colonisation for black people pulling each other down but now she sees it’s just habit!


Lerato Kganyago shared a heartbreaking observation of how black people’s habit to pull each other down can’t solely be blamed on issues like colonisation.

This happened after she weighed in on the Nicki Minaj versus BET saga.

Lerato supported Nicki Minaj after BET threw shade at her over Cardi B’s Grammy win and has said the matter hits home for her as a strong black woman, “because it is always the people that ‘supposedly support you’ that turn around and ridicule you”.

The channel got a lot of heat for their now-deleted tweet, but Lerato still said her two cents on the matter.

The conversation moved to the abuse black women are subjected to in general and as Lerato engaged with her fans, the presenter explained black people needed to intentionally step away from satisfying the desire to drag other down.

“I used to blame colonisation but this is just a terrible habit that’s clearly not going to go away and if you speak on it, you are the next target. I see it happen a lot at home and it’s really disheartening.”

Lerato, who has been a victim of cyberbullying explained that as a woman in the arts who constantly has to stand up for herself, she related to what is happening to Nicki.

She added that when a headstrong black woman doesn’t conform she is usually victimised and she’s seen it happen here in Mzansi as well.

“I’ve realised that any strong black woman in the music or arts industry that stands up for herself will always be targeted, by the public and companies. It happens here often.”