Lerato gets dragged for tweeting about her transformation

Lerato Mabuza gets dragged on Twitter for tweeting that “Money will wash you very clean”. Makhadzi’s fans and followers did not like the tweet Lerato Mabuza had made to the Limpopo sensational female singer. They saw the tweet as not necessary and maybe deleting it would have been a good option.


But it would have not been a good one, because with tweeps, when you delete a tweet, the more they come at you for more dragging. It would have been better if Lerato Mabuza had made an apology for the tweet and Makhadzi has not responded to the tweet yet. Maybe Makhadzi sees no problem with it.





Lerato is more active nowadays and she is also flexing her muscles to block other people on Twitter. For her to have a peaceful time on Twitter, she should not tweet content that will offend other people, because they will not respond very hard to her. If it continues, Mabuza will not like it. She will continue to block others eventually.

But not everyone comes to respond by being against her and actually supporting her tweet. The money has changed her. It was bound to happen with all the success she had made from the start of the lockdown in South Africa. Now she is cruising very well and has a partner who supports her.

With Makhadzi just making a huge history for herself in Botswana by getting the stadium fully packed to watch her performance live on stage and then an EP following after that, she hopes her fans will have a great time listening to it. She does not disappoint and her fans are supportive, starting from Limpopo.

According to what others saw in the tweet, Lerato Mabuza had no intention of dragging or shooting violence onto Makhadzi.An honest appreciation that was received very badly on the social media platform.