Leleti Khumalo knows as Sarafina Mazuzu on Imbewu with her twins

Leleti Khumalo twins were born on the 24th of May 2013.She gave birth to her beautiful twins at 43 years of age motherhood definitely agrees with her.The gender of her twin is a girl and a boy which are 9 years of age this year.her twin are one of the beautiful twin in Mzansi that got a resemblance of her even with their skin ton.Being a mother can be sometimes draining and costing but according to Leleti Khumako it is with no doubt that she enjoys every beat of it,due to the picture was posted online were she looks happy and health with her twin.






Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile became Leleti Khumalo husband in 2012. During her pregnancy, Leleti Khumalo babies were triplets, and a miscarriage resulted in the loss of one baby and having twins instead.Though she managed to raise her kids properly and cheerful.