Lehasa Won MaNtuli’s Heart In #skeemsaam After He Did This

Lehasa Won MaNtuli’s Heart In #skeemsaam After He Did This


Lehasa has won Mantuli’s heart. Mantuli has give up in Lehasa an Pretty. Mantuli has left mzansi happy after she gave her blessings to Lehasa and Pretty. This come after Mantuli and uncle Sfiso went to fetch Pretty in Lehasa‚Äôs flat.

MaNtuli is known as strick mother who does not take nonsense. Mzansi were surprise to see MaNtuli being so calm when she speaks to Lehasa. For the first time we saw her begging Pretty to go back home after she chased her.



It’s not a secrets that Pretty is madly in love with Lehasa. We saw it today when he declared his love for Pretty in front of MaNtuli, Sfiso and Khwezi. We saw Pretty choosing love instead of her family not once but four times. It was heartbreaking but so admirable at the same time to see Lehasa Finally speaking on how much he loves.

Lehasa won Mantuli’s heart after he humble himself in front of MaNtuli. He told MaNtuli how much he loves Pretty in front of Khwezi. Lehasa told MaNtuli that he loves her daughter because of the way she raised her. He told her that Pretty asked him to pray together, the prayer which she teaches her. MaNtuli were left speechless after hearing this words coming from him.

MaNtuli were left defeat that she also admit that Lehasa and Pretty lives each other. Lehasa has told MaNtuli that he will marry Pretty once she finish her studies.

Mzansi is now convinced that Lehasa is going to win this case and then later on lose his child. Mzansi is now asking Pretty whether she is ready to face the demons of Lehasa and his skeletons.

What do you think of today’s episode. What advice can you give to Pretty? Are you happy that MaNtuli has finally gave her blessings to one man that he hates the most.