Lehasa Will Left Pretty In Tears Because He Is Going To Get Back With Nothile See What Will Happen

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Watchers can see what’s going on here since they never missed an episode of Skeem Saam. Since Nothile sent a stunning message to Lehasa, watchers imagine that Nothile is now pregnant in light of the fact that they keep going saw her on the show in December last year.

ln the event that she is returning, she will accompany Lehasa. Lehasa is exceptionally simple with regards to ladies and she adored Nothile. How is Lehasa going to manage 3 ladies and assuming that she is truly pregnant, would he say he will wed her as well?


I think his uncle needs to step in on the grounds that he can not deal with 3 ladies simultaneously. Lehasa may be not in that frame of mind with Khwezi but rather it actually counts, since she will constantly be in the image. Nothile and Khwezi will carry the youngsters to Lehasa.

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