Lehasa tried to pull a special gesture for Pretty. He told Kwaito to support her with her test

Pretty was so stressed about her upcoming driver’s license test and she did not know what to do. Lehasa tried by all means to help lift her spirit up but nothing happened. Pretty went to the bedroom and she left her phone on the table.

Lehasa took her phone and took Zamokuhle’s number. He called him. When Zamokuhle realized that the call that he received was from Lehasa he was angry. Lehasa told him to calm down because he called about Pretty and not himself. He told him that Pretty needed her family’s support since she is going to write her driver’s license test.


Kwaito calmed down and told him that there is nothing that he can do to help Pretty. Lehasa told him that he should call her and show her support so that she can be brave enough to write the test. Kwaito agreed and hung up. He was impressed that Lehasa has put Pretty’s needs on top of his priority list.

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