Lehasa Reconcile With Pretty, What Will Happen To Khwezi ?

He is in love with Pretty but he decided to fight his feelings for her. Pretty chose Kat over him and yet her relationship with Kat did not even last. She thought that Kat will be able to forgive but he did not. Khwezi on the other hand tried to keep her man by kidnapping Pretty and forced her to tell that she was not pregnant so that Lehasa can believe her and love her. Khwezi is very much dangerous and she knows a lot about Lehasa.




If Lehasa dares to leave her then it will be his downfall as she knows too much about him. Pretty asked Lehasa to delete that video in Khwezi’s phone and he did just that. Lehasa is about to Lobola Khwezi but his mind is on Pretty and he is not even sure that he will still continue with the Lobola. Khwezi will catch him with pretty and it will be a disaster as she trust Lehasa so much. She knows a lot about him and she can destroy him if she wants to. On the other hand Pretty’s family will not allow her to be with Lehasa.