Lehasa & Pretty Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After This Happened In #SkeemSaam

Lehasa & Pretty Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After This Happened In #SkeemSaam




Lehasa recently left people talking in social media after he makes a jokes with the truth. Apparently he confessed to killing Fanie then he said he was joking when Pretty freaked out.

Mzansi could not help but to think that Lehasa was testing the waters, if pretty didn’t react that way she did, he would have told her everything. The way Pretty freaked out there was no way that he wasn’t gonna change his tune. He saw her face and he immediately said he was lying but he was telling the truth.

SkeemSaam has been feeling sorry for Pretty. Fans think that Pretty will not be able to handle Lehasa’s shady dealings. Lehasa is known as a ruthless man who has many skeletons in him. Lehasa is too dangerous to be with Pretty. SkeemSaam fans were not impressed with the meeting that Lehasa called where it’s included all his woman in the same roof. Lehasa only wanted Pretty to forgive him.

SkeemSaam Alan’s are still upset with Lehasa because when Pretty was pregnant Lehasa denied the baby and rejected her and now he wants to “Do right to his heir”. Khwezi must accept that Lehasa loves Pretty. Lehasa and Pretty has becomes the best couple. Fans and followers are excited that Lehasa has chosen Pretty, at least they will be a wedding g at the Seakamela.

Some fans think that Lehasa and Khwezi are perfect together. She understands him and his lifestyle and is willing to ride or die. She also created a warm home for him before he decided that he loves Pretty again. I don’t know how Pretty, an aspiring lawyer and a little lamb will live with a thug

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