Lehasa not the father of Khwezi’s toddler? See the actual father

Is it possible that Lehasa is not the biological father of Khwezi, the child she is currently carrying? It’s time to take a closer look at the parent. In the end, it is Phomolo who uncovers Khwezikazi’s secret. In the few instances that Khwezikazi is found with large sums of money while reassuring him that the money is for Lobola, he becomes suspicious.

In the wake of Khwezi’s birth, can Lehasa be regarded as Khwezi’s father any longer? Right now, take a look at this majestic senior citizen.




Phomolo is aware that Khwezikazi is hatching a dreadful scheme, but he may have chosen to ignore this information rather than focus on himself in relation with it. Khwezikazi is plotting something dreadful, and Phomolo is aware of it.

Upon learning that Phomolo intended to move through Khwezikazi, the agreement executer at the party that Khwezikazi had attended began to suspect that Khwezikazi may be trustworthy due to the money that Khwezikazi had offered to pay him.

Regardless, Uncle Phomolo was more perceptive than Khwezikazi since she was hiding something from him. He did this because he suspected she was telling the truth when she spoke to him. Confirmation came in the form of the phone and SIM card that Khwezikazi used to communicate with the agreement executioner, which he found in the rubbish can. Taking the trash can, he wanted to see whether there was any evidence to back up his suspicions.

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