Lehasa Maphosa Will Get In Trouble With Khwezi’s Family

Lehasa Maphosa Will Get In trouble with Khwezi’s family





As we now all know that skeem saam is the most watched show on SABC 1 and it is highly ranked as one of the most top shows.

On the recent storylines things have been very hectic as everyone is just going through their messes.

On the recent one,khwezi has been jailed due to attempting to kill lehasa because she caught him with another lady who is pretty .

Pretty and lehasa are very much in love and lehasa does not want anything bad to happen to her.

Lehasa is now going to be in trouble with the Gasela family because he has not yet fulfilled his promises of marrying their daughter.

Now the came all the way from the eastern cape to deal with lehasa as they dont know what is happening with him and their daughter.

Here are the pictures of tonights episode unfolded:

In my opinion, lehasa and his family will fear of what khwezi might expose to the the whole world about them ,which means lehasa might just consider to marry her.

Please share your thoughts on what you think about tonights episode.

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