” Lehasa Lied To Us” – SkeemSaam Viewers Reacts At Him After He Failed To Do Right By Pretty

Remember Lehasa When He Said This; He has Lied To #SkeemSaam Viewers After He Did This


Mzansi has been wondering what happened to Lehasa’s words when he said “the only lobola am going to pay is for a girl from Tulfloop”.



Mzansi has been left disappointed by Lehasa. Apparently viewers are not happy with the decision he took to pay lobola to Khwezi instead of Pretty. Lehasa made us believed in his relationship with Pretty. Mzansi were convinced that Pretty is most definitely going to be Mrs Maphosa or Banda. The look on Lehasa’s face when the uncle phoned and forced him to pay lobola for Khwezi could tell that he has a big plan, and that term and condition of taking Khwezi with was not just a condition.

In the coming episodes Khwezi is going to seduce Lehasa as her way of trying to get into his bed. Khwezi will try everything in her power to trick Lehasa for her own benefits.

Viewers want SkeemSaam writers do right by Pretty after all the pain she went through because of lehasa. This is sad but true sometimes love only is not enough to save a relationship. Viewers really feel sad for Pretty but nobody said life is gonna be fair.

Pity the ones who get hurts are the innocent ones. This is just a gentle reminder that most people are stuck in unhappy marriages and relationships because of betrayal, manipulation, greedy and using kids to settle for what they want.

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