“Lehasa Is Stuck With Khwezi” Mzansi Reacts After Noticing This About Them In #SkeemSaam

“Lehasa Is Stuck With Khwezi” Mzansi Reacts After Noticing This About Them In #SkeemSaam




Mzansi have reacted to the lasted Episode of SkeemSaam. Mzansi could not stop talking about Khwezi and her babe. Apparently SkeemSaam fans and followers is still left disappointed by the actions of Khwezi after she spoiled happy moment of Pretty and Lehasa.

Pretty is probably regretting aborting the baby of Lehasa. It was supposed to be her and not Khwezi. Pretty was too quick to do abortion, Lehasa was going to change his mind about the baby and now she will regret it forever because Khwezi is living her life.

Khwezi won the day she got pregnant with Lehasa child, it’s clearly that Pretty must throw the towel because she’s not going to win. Pretty should have gone when her mother called her.

Khwezi have tricked Lehasa and he is trapped with no way out. Khwezi is just using the child to trap Lehasa into loving her. Khwezi is forcing this marriage, we wonder why would she want to get married to someone who doesn’t love he.

Mzansi Is happy to see judge Mavimbela shaking Khwezi and her family without doing anything. The Mavimbela’s are here and Lehasa stand no chance since his not in a right book with him. For the first time ever viewers agree with Khwezi, if Lehasa really loved Pretty he would have protected her from all this

Some viewers think that Khwezi will not get Lehasa back at this rate. She has reached the final stage of desperation and beyond. Khwezi wants Lehasa so that she settled for that property theory.

Khwezi doesn’t want lehasa back she is doing all this for revenge where did you get the idea that she wants lehasa back girl stabbed the man and almost killed him and tried to frame pretty for his murder. Girl has said she wants lehasa’s property and for him to rot away in jail.