Lehasa is going to marry Khwezi and pretty is okay with it.

Lehasa is getting married with the same girl who tried to kill him. Tonight skeemSaam episode left people in stitches because they want to see the relationship between pretty and Lehasa going to the next level. It is very sad because Lehasa is about to get married someone he does not love. Life can be so complicated , if it wasn’t for the secrets that Khwezi has against Lehasa things will work out for pretty.





Khwezi is still planning to get rid of pretty. People are no longer interested with the Khwezi storyline. The relationship between pretty and Lehasa is worth watching, everything seem so real. Everything that is happening in skeemSaam is related to reality. People do get married for the sake of pregnancy.

Pretty left her family to be with the love of his life , yet Lehasa is planning to marry Khwezi. What is going to happen to her.

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