Lehasa Is Forced To Choose Between The Love Of His Life & His Freedom. See Who He Will Choose

As long as Pretty is still dating Lehasa Maphosa, she will never be at peace in her life. Khwezi and her family merely appear at the door unexpectedly as Pretty and Lehasa were planning their getaway. Unannounced visitors Khwezi and her family destroyed Pretty and Lehasa’s getaway. Khwezi was scheduled to arrive next week, but she chose this day since she knew Lehasa had something special in store for Pretty.

After being forced to choose between his freedom and the love of his life (Pretty), Lehasa’s decision has been hotly contested. The proposal, which calls for tolerating Khwezi for only five months, was made public by his uncle. The SkeemSaam audience has come to believe that Lehasa and his uncle Phomolo may be up to no good.


Their five-month plan has received favorable feedback from viewers. There have been some reports that Lehasa may commit Khwezi to mental facilities where she may spiral out of control. We all know that Lehasa want a child in his life, and the strategy is to get full custody of the child, dump Khwezi, and wed Pretty.

Lehasa and Pretty should just move forward with their plans, several viewers have suggested. Lehasa must now decide between sticking with Khwezi or Pretty. Everyone is interested in learning who Lehasa will pick between Khwezi and Pretty in this discussion.

Remember that His trial is about to begin, and Khwezi is the only one with more information about Lehasa. Khwezi reportedly knows too much information that could land him in jail.