Lehasa Got Himself In Trouble. See Who Is Going To Take Him Down In #SkeemSaam (OPINION)

Lehasa Got Himself In Trouble. See Who Is Going To Take Him Down In #SkeemSaam (OPINION)





Skeemsaam has to be the most interesting soapie ever. Back then Skeemsaam fans and viewers wanted Lehasa to be arrested for justice of Fanie. Now follower don’t want him to be arrested for the sake of Pretty who is madly in love with him. We knew from the start that Peterson wont fold just like that, the man is very smart. The game Petersen is playing is very dangerous for Lehasa. Peterson wants to kill Lehasa with heart attack.

The state is obliged to reveal their list of witnesses to the defence, but Peterson did because he knew there’s only one way to get the truth. Lehasa is Nkunzi of SkeemSaam, he is a murderer and lier. Peterson gave Leeto witness’s name knowing once he shows Lehasa, they will try to find and silenced him.

Mzansi has been wondering who is the new state witness Hebert Ntshaba. For a second we thought Lehasa doesn’t recall that ‘mysterious witness’ until Leeto left the room. Ntshaba is the corrupt IT cop, he is all about money. Ntshaba works for everybody who is paying. Detective shouldn’t be so sure of him, he cannot be trusted. Lehasa thought that Hebert is the one who is going to snitch on him after all the money he was paid. The detective pull out his name as the mysterious witness by the help of Khwezi . We must no forget that Peterson is working with Khwezi and they are also working together in this case of Fannie.

Khwezi is the real witness, she threw Ntshabas name in the mix to throw Lehasa off her trail and give Petersen some meat to bite into. If Lehasa sticks to Pretty she will come out guns blazing. Khwezi shared Ntshaba’s name with Peterson. The girl is more dangerous than the Maphosas can even imagine.

Pretty is about to find out what type of a man Lehasa really is. Moving in with him is a bad idea. Fans feel sorry for Pretty because there’s always drama as long as you date crooks like Lehasa.