Lehasa found out that Pretty switched off his phone when Khwezi called him and he was not happy

Lehasa was complaining about his phone being off at a wrong time. He told Pretty that he was going to take his phone to an IT Specialist so that it could be fixed. Pretty told him that it was unnecessary. She told him that she is the the one that switched off his phone.

Lehasa could not believe it. He was angry at her. Lehasa was on his way to KZN when Pretty stopped him. She told him that she is sorry and that the reason she switched off his phone is that she wanted to spend some time with him without being disturbed by Khwezi.






Lehasa asked her if she cared about his baby. Pretty told him that she knows that he realized that Khwezi was starting to become a nuisance, but Lehasa took it in a wrong way. He thought that Pretty does not care about his child.

Lehasa was more worried about what Khwezi’s family was going to say.Source: https://twitter.com/CeeNkuna/status/1575527205081214981?s=20&t=OczdOEYqGkxykmEwsIow5g