Lehasa falls sick at the court, is he faking it?

Things are getting hotter

It looks like Lehasa will try every possible way to make sure that he does not go to jail. They keep on discovering new information about him, and the way that Fanie died. It seems like he can’t take it anymore. He probably needs some time off from the court, in order to give himself more time to have witnesses on his side.


His uncle Phomolo quickly comes to check up on him if he is doing good or not. His uncle has been supportive throughout this difficult time in court.

Lehasa needs to face the consequences of his actions. Fanie died, and all the evidence points to him. There is no time for him to pretend that he is sick, even though he is not. Lehasa has never been sick, now that he can see that all walls are closing on him he says that he’s sick.

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