Lehasa declared her love for Pretty to MaNtuli and Sifiso right in front of Khwezi and she was hurt

MaNtuli went with uncle Sifiso to fetch Pretty at Lehasa’s apartment.


When they got there, Pretty was scared but Lehasa told her to calm down because he would handle the situation.

MaNtuli asked Pretty to go home with her because her staying Lehasa was a bad idea.

Pretty did not say anything. Lehasa tried to answer on her behalf but MaNtuli kept on interrupting him. He calmly spoke to MaNtuli. He told her that he loves Pretty. MaNtuli asked him how because he didn’t want to marry her yet he married Khwezi.

Lehasa explained to them, in front of Khwezi, that he only paid the Lobola for Khwezi because he wanted to be part of the baby’s life.

He told them that he loves Pretty with all his heart and that he is going to marry her after she is done with her studies.

Khwezi tried to interfere but Lehasa shut her down.

He spoke to MaNtuli with respect and she had no words to express how she felt.

Uncle Sifiso told her not to fall for his words but he was too late.