Lehasa confessed his love for Pretty. What’s next??

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Monday 11 September 2023
Episode 51
Kwaito’s proposal to Elizabeth is the talk of the town. Khwezikazi reaches a boiling point with Lehasa. Francois is shook by Chef Kgosi’s new adventure.





Tuesday 12 September 2023
Episode 52
Khwezi resorts to desperate measures to get what she wants. MaNtuli is floored when she learns that Kwaito is adamant to pay magadi for Lizzy. Alfred urges Mahlatse to come out of his shell.
Wednesday 13 September 2023
Episode 53
Khwezi flips Lehasa’s world upside down. Kwaito gives MaNtuli an ultimatum regarding the house. Lewatle asks Babeile a difficult question about his future.
Thursday 14 September 2023
Episode 54
Lehasa has a new revelation that sends him into a tail-spin. MaNtuli is conflicted about making a call. Francois and Kat are envious of Chef Kgosi’s new job offer.
Friday 15 September 2023
Episode 55
A mother calls in the big guns to stop her son from making a big mistake. Lehasa realizes that he will need a shark to help him take down his wife. Paris is calling and it’s making others question their true calling.