Lehasa Believes There’s Only One Way To Deal With Khwezi And That Is Lethal See What Will Happen



Khwezi is authoritatively in prison. Peterson has at last placed those sleeves on Khwezi. She is accused of the endeavored murder of Lehasa.

Subsequent to awakening, Peterson visited Lehasa in the clinic, and Lehasa chose not to give Khwezi to Peterson, but rather it was past the point of no return. On Tuesday, Peterson sorted out that Khwezi was not a piece of the confidential part at Lehasa’s penthouse on that portentous evening. He took DNA tests on wine glasses and just saw as Lehasa’s and Pretty.

Discussing Pretty, Malume Sfiso possesses concluded that it’s energy for her to get back, making others extremely uncomfortable since MaNtuli has abandoned her. Pretty has been contemplating her fetus removal since she knew about Khwezi’s pregnancy.

We were undeniably stunned to figure out that Kgothatso’s child daddy is, as a matter of fact, Tlotliso.






Tlotliso was Clements after nine friendly benefactors who, for certain weeks, made us all accept he was the man of his fantasies, and when his better half unexpectedly showed up, it was no place; poop hit the fan.

Now that person is back, and more terrible, he has accumulated a youngster with one more lady outside his marriage.

The issue here is that Leshole is unreliable about Tlotliso, to such an extent that he is following his online entertainment pages and contrasting his photos with his.

In the mean time, Clement is totally deadened when he sees the image Leshole took of Tlotliso.

Leshole is taking his uncertainties about Tlotliso into his relationship, which yields awful outcomes.

Leshole doesn’t think he coordinates to Tlotliso, who is exceptionally smooth and modern and seems as though he just emerged from a magazine.

He is fixated to the point that he begins thinking that Kgothatso is as yet seeing her child daddy despite his good faith.

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