Leeto Fancies Eunice While She Fixes His Tap

Eunice is Leeto’s target. Leeto can be a lot of different things, and drama just loves him.Joy, Leeto’s current partner, is extremely rigid and takes everything very seriously.Leeto requires a person who can make him laugh and appreciate life.

Eunice, on the other hand, is a woman who is willing to do anything that Leeto asks of her. Joy always wants Leeto to be serious and do everything according to the rules.When Eunice went to Leeto’s new apartment, they clicked immediately.Leeto ignored Joy’s call simply because he was with Eunice, and they looked great together.


Eunice will be hard pressed not to fall in love with Leeto, but this could be one of the show’s best relationships.Leeto felt something for Eunice that he had never anticipated.I hope they’ll think about dating and getting married.Leeto should pick Eunice over Delight.

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