Lebo shares pictures from before and after losing weight throughout a routine at the gym

Lebo Sithole is happy about changing her lifestyle, and now that she is sharing the good part of it, it may be seen as someone who is flexing because other people are having hate on other people having to succeed. Having hatred for someone who has changed his or her life without paying anything but effort.


It does not cost any money to go to the gym at your local soccer field or jog on the road. It needs your dedication and effort to give you the results you are looking for when you are there. That is what Lebo has done. She has to pay for it, but it does not take you to pay for it either. It is free and no one will have a limit for you to run on the road.

But then someone will have it in their heart to hate you for running all the time. She was also inspired by other people who have made it, and they are loving the lifestyle of exercising according to their routine they have chosen for themselves. It will surely go with how you have to work. If it was not coming to Lebo’s wish to have a different body size, she was not going to bother with losing weight.



Since she loved the wonderful changes and having to feel more confident because of the new lifestyle. It will help you not focus on what other people are doing. You don’t have the time to talk about other people doing something because you are too busy focusing on yourself. If she was not like that, it was probably not going to be as good for her as it is for her.

It is not just about having to flex, it is a motivation to other people and those who want something different. They should look at Sithole’s results positively. Changing your life will require you to think of different engagements and avoid a lot of movement on the streets. Even though some people will start saying you are keeping yourself hidden.