Lebo M finds Muti in his estranged wife Pretty Samuels belongings

Lebohang Morake, widely recognized as Lebo M, has recently made headlines with shocking accusations against his estranged wife, Pretty Samuels. Lebo M, renowned for his work as the composer of “The Lion King,” has accused Samuels of using muti, traditional African medicine, on him.





The situation has taken an unexpected turn, as the composer’s personal assistant was reportedly instructed to pack Samuels’ belongings amid their divorce proceedings. However, what they discovered amidst the packing sent shock waves through the media.

Reportedly, hidden among Samuels’ belongings was muti, a traditional potion believed to possess mystical powers. Even more astonishingly, a mystical object known as ‘Isibopho’ was allegedly found hanging from a tree. These revelations have left Lebo M bewildered, claiming he had no prior knowledge of these items and expressing his profound shock at sharing his life with someone who engaged in such practices without his awareness.