Leave Mihlali alone, there is nothing wrong with dating a married man.

Mihlali Ndamase finds herself on number one on the trending list of Twitter. This phenomenal woman who ha built her brand through YouTube and working with brands, has people insulting her because of a relationship which went wrong.

Mihlali is allegedly a marriage invader and home wrecker as Musa Khawula exposed receipts on her. According to Musa, she is in a relationship with Leeroy Sidambe who is Mamkhize’s stylist. The man is married to Mary Jane Sidambe what what and it is alleged that him and Mihlali started off their relationship after valentine’s day.

Musa released a video of Mihlali talking about how much he loves his man and that his man invited him to a thanksgiving event which was going to take place on the same weekend of the celebrity boxing event at sun city. Apparently the thanksgiving event was Shaun Mkhize’s event and Leeroy was spotted at the event.



More receipts came in and Musa posted a receipt which he says Leeroy’s wife found in his car with Mihlali Ndamase’s home address and phone number.

People are shaming Mihlali on tweeter for getting into a relationship with a married man while she knows that he is married but no one is shaming the man for courting a single woman while he made vows to his wife.

Opinion: Mihlali owes no one loyalty especially the wife because inmost cases, the married man are the ones who approach the woman while they know that they left their woman at home. In this case, people should leave Mihlali alone and make the man account for his actions.