Leanne Manas honoured with a Social Impact award

On Tuesday, 29 August, Seasoned TV broadcaster Leanne Mana took to her Instagram page to announce that she was awarded the Social Impact award by the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute following her long-standing contribution to the lives of South Africans through her work in public service and broadcasting.




Best known as the SABC2 Morning Live anchor, Leanne Manas, began her journalism career as a news anchor at Radio 702, Brielfy reported. And has become one of the best-known anchors in the country.

According to the publication, Manas also worked as a National Anchor during the 2004 elections and Presidential Inauguration. And, not only that, she’s also reportedly served as an Ambassador to Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign.
In an Instagram post recently, Manas revealed that she was recognised by the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute (CMMI) with a Social Impact award. According to the CMMI website, the non-profit organisation’s mission is to elevate, educate and emancipate women to take the lead in all spheres.

“What an absolute honour to be recognized by The Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke Institute by receiving the Social Impact award. The award recognizes my many years of public service and broadcast professionalism and having an immense impact on the lives of South Africans,” the seasoned Morning Live anchor shared.In her post, Leanne Manas also revealed that she was not recognised alone. Award-winning radio and TV presenter Sakina Kamwendo was also awarded with the same award.

“The most amazing part is that my cohost @sakina_kamwendo was honoured with the same award. Another sign that as women if we work together – we are such a formidable force that can literally and figuratively change the world,” Manas said