” Last week it was DR Rebecca Malope and this week is Dr Benjamin Dube”.

Bucy Radebe’s manager slams ‘insult claims’ as concerns for Dr Rebecca Malope mount on social media. This was after incident which there was an incident between Dr Rebecca Malope and Bucy Radebe and her husband who’s her manager.

Dr Rebecca Malope has been trending since then with her supporters demanding proper apology from Bucy Radebe and her husband.

Now the king of Gospel, pastor Benjamin Dube is trending since last night. This is following a mistake he did, posting something very disturbing for people in the gospel.


After few minutes, he came forward on Twitter to say that his account was hacked and he’s not the one who posted the previous pictures.

People didn’t give him peace, but to grill him like no body’s business.

“Signs have always been there that Benjamin Dube is one of us. From “Threesome” to “Domestic Worker ya masepa” , levels. The talent is the only thing holding him at church, give him some Carling Black Label”.

Source: https://twitter.com/TimesLIVE/status/1522834977758535680?t=DLv3wZYTTx0R1MO8aU2HmQ&s=19