Lasizwe on why he won’t work with Cedric Fourie again

Lasizwe has definitely made his mind clear that he won’t be working with Cedric Fourie.

The star made this known in the last episode of his show, Drink or Tell The Truth. 

Lasizwe stated that that there are some lines he wouldn’t cross in their friendship and he will want it to be like that.

“From the people you have worked with in the industry, who is that one person you never wish to work with again and why?” asked Norma.

“Cedric! I don’t want to work with Cedric again. Cedric and I were really good friends. We were like so good with each other. The reason I don’t want to work with him again, I  think, is that I got it wrong when I started mixing in my people with him,” he said.

The star said he would not mix business and pleasure.

“That’s why in life, never mix your friends. Because they are friends with you for a reason. That one fulfils a certain purpose and that one fulfils a certain purpose. Never mix that.”