Lamiez reveals why she’s obsessed with sneakers





Lamiez Holworthy gives an emotional story behind why she’s obsessed with sneakers.

The DJ said her mother could not afford to buy her expensive things growing up as a child, and she dared not make such request, as an understanding child who knows her mother was a single parent.”

“I posted that I’d share why I’m so obsessed with sneakers(especially Nike) and this is it. Once upon a time, I knew that my mom couldn’t afford to get me expensive kicks coz she was a single parent so I just didn’t ask. I was in grade4 n all my peers had Di Cortez Le Di Chango,” she wrote.

Seeing how she desired to have a good sneakers but couldn’t get it, Lamiez worked hard in other to satisfy her desire.

“As young as I was,I knew not2ask my mom 4anything expensive. I was 10 in grade 4-I remember my peers going on about their new kicks and I lied about having a pair(stupid right) It haunted me 4 the longest time. I promised to work hard enough 2 afford any pair I’d want,” she added.

Lamiez can now afford anything she wants due to hard-work, and she buys the sneakers now for her 10-year-old self.