Lamiez Holworthy shares picture of herself, Khuli Chana and their mothers.

Being married means that your partner’s family automatically becomes yours. That’s why we hear people saying that marriage is much more than about two people but their families as well. What you have with them cannot come close to anything. It explains why families can involved when couples have disagreements.




Lamiez Holworthy is a dj and more. She’s made a huge name for herself in the industry. She’s also adopted an orphanage with her husband Khuli Chana. These always celebrate each other, no matter what. Their birthdays are way more special than any other day.

Her husband recently celebrated his 40th birthday. They went on style and looked breathtaking. She has shared some of the pictures from their night. In one of the pictures she’s with him and their mothers. You could just tell from the look on their faces that they are happy. Being with family is way more important and cherished.