Lamiez Holworthy shares her encounter at the hospital

Lamiez Holworthy took to her Insta-stories to share that she doesn’t appreciate fans that don’t have respect for people personal time.

The star describes herself as people’s person revealed yesterday was one of the emotional draining days for her.

After landing in hospital, Lamiez revealed how insensitive the health workers were to her after requesting to take pictures with her and simply ignoring the medical emergency that she was experiencing at the time.



She said what she experienced was the height of it as she reminded her fans that celebs are humans also.

She also shared how livid she was by the lack of empathy that the health workers had for not treating her like a human being.

I’m actually so upset. I couldn’t even go through my emotions like any normal person could. Instead I am being followed from one department to the next for a f*cking picture? By multiple people? At a HOSPITAL guys. A HOSPITAL where people fight for their lives and some die and lose their loved ones daily. You want a picture? of someone clearly not okay?” she wrote.

Lamiez stated went on to appreciate those who love her but made it clear that she cannot hide her pains no matter how she put a smile on her face.

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