Lamiez Holworthy ‘s immaculate hair stood out dressed in an all black designer outfit overseas

Lamiez is having the time of her life right traveling the world and enjoy pregnancy .

As seen in her recent Instagram posts she is looking absolutely stunning dressed in designer outfits and taking immaculate photos overseas.


Lamiez is a lady of many talents who is in her own right an extraordinare in the South African show business .

Her level of versatility is incomparable and she has a brilliant work ethic that makes her stand out in the highly competitive industry of show business.

She is a vivacious televison and radio presenter well known for hosting as a VJ on the infamous Live Amp on SABC 1 alongside DJ Speedsta and hosting on the the biggest commercial urban music radio station in South Africa Metro FM.

Lamiez is married to multi award winning Mostwako rapper Khuli Chana and they are a power celebrity couple in the South African show business.

In her recent Instagram post dressed in a stunningly majestic designer raven outfit , she made an exquisitely immaculate fashion statement with the look.

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