Lamiez Holworthy Is A Fashion Killer || See What She Was Spotted Wearing

Today we get to engage more about the popular Dj Lamiez Holworthy. She is a South African award winning television and radio presenter. She used to present on Live Amp before it was cut off. She is currently presenting on Metro FM where many people seem to be impressed because of her presenting skills. Over the past years she worked so hard to gain the love of people including those from other countries. Her work has made her gain a large fan base in other countries.



She is such an inspirational to many young people who have wishes of seeing themselves making it successfully in the media and entertainment industry. This is one of the most difficult industries but working hard will always be helpful. She is currently married to the well known award winning musician Khuli Chana. The couple has been married for more than two years and their love continues to grow more and more. Although people seem to be judgemental towards her, she has revealed that people’s opinions about her will never bring her down. People used to say that she is not good enough for her husband and others would body shame her.

She inspires many people to be not shaken when they are being bullied. The country knows her as the woman who is always ready to tell her mind and set the record state. She is known as the woman obsessed who is obsessed with fashion and always leave impressed with her dressing skills. Her dressing sense always leave people amazed. Today she posted her photos wearing a dress and long boots looking so stunning. People commented on her post complimenting her for the look. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.