Lamiez Holworthy gives account on her first date with Khuli Chana



Lamiez Holworthy recently took to her Twitter to share the romantic gesture Khuli Chana did on their first date.

This is coming after a tweep asked ladies if they have to go on another date with a man who does not buy the gift on the first date.



“Ladies: Do you guys do second dates with a man who doesn’t buy you a gift on the first date? Or is that just not a requirement for you?”

Responding to it, Lamiez revealed that the rapper took first place at the mjolo olympics when he gifted her with her favourite flowers, a book she had been searching for and a Mickey Mouse teddy bear.

Lamiez was blown away at the rapper’s effort seeing that she had mentioned liking all these items in passing and he remembered all of them.

Honestly didn’t knw that gifts on 1st dates were a thing til I met my guy On our 1st,he got me a bunch of yellow tulips which are my favs n I had obviously mentioned in a random convo before along with a Mickey Mouse teddybear(obsessed) n a book I mentioned I couldn’t find” she wrote.

Well, the two have gone to different vacations together and even Lamiez was surprised with a lot of gifts by Khuli on her birthday.