Lady Zamar writes to women hurting

Lady Zamar empathizes with every woman hurting because of a man.

The singer who was once a victim of Gender Based Violence (GBV) takes to Twitter to express her support to these women.

“It’s not on you, you are not to blame…you don’t need to explain why you kept silent for so long. sometimes silence is the only way you survive and heal until you’ve gathered enough love, peace and strength to finally face the demons that almost broke and killed you.”

The singer furthers her letter by adorning these women with positive words; appraising their strength.

In conclusion, she tells them that there are good persons rooting for them.

“To every woman hurting because of something a man they trusted to keep them safe did to them; you are loved, adored, beautiful, powerful and you are not alone! there are good men and good women in your corner who are rooting for you, who sympathize and empathise with you,” she added.

In 2019, Zamar accused Sjava who was her ex-lover of raping and abusing her while they dated.

The BET award winner slammed the accusation, saying it was a lie.

The issue was taken to court and after going forth and back over the issue, the court ruled the case null and void due to lack of evidence.