Lady Zamar – men are the foundation of everything in relationships, leads, provides & protects

Lady Zamar ft Senior Oat with their hit single All (I Want) made its debut at number 29 at Metro FM. The single all (i want) has been added to the new in pop

at applemusic playlist. She once dated Sjava and they relationship didn’t end well. She later accused Sjava of raping her in 2019. Though the rape allegedly happened in 2017. Sjava couldn’t perform at some events, some people canceled him & attacked him on Twitter.

Lady Zamar



my unpopular opinion: men are the foundation of everything in relationships… a man leads, provides and protects!

7:47 AM · Oct 25, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

Someone responded by saying In real life I suspect that no one is a foundation by themselves. Everyone is a building block. How you put the blocks together is up to the individuals involved and depends on what structure you are building. There is unfortunately no uniform design.