Lady Mo (funeral singer) left Mzansi in stitches after showing off his manicure

Lady Mo manicured his nails, but the internet community wasn’t impressed and chose to make fun of him.

When footage of him singing at funerals went viral on the platform, Lady Mo became a star. His dramatic change in behavior convinced others who knew him that witchcraft was at work. He clarified the matter, revealing his sexual orientation, though, following a number of radio interviews. In addition, he said that people shouldn’t worry about him.



Malinda African Beauty Salon gave the well-known Tik Tok performer, who is well-known for his humor at funerals, a manicure. Lady Mo, a.k.a. Moses Sibiya, is reportedly the salon’s brand ambassador. The nails were lengthy but gorgeous, according to the images posted on the salon’s page. Facebook users, however, found the images amusing because of all the funny comments. The post only allowed individuals to respond and share; commenting was disabled. They most likely did this because they anticipated rudeness from others.