Lady Du ventures into water business

Lady Du ventures into another money-making business. The South African star has been very international in creating multiple streams of income for herself, and she is blatantly achieving the goal. Months after announcing her beauty and construction business, the Amapiano star says she’s started a water business. Taking to social media, Lady Du shared a photo of her water company name and a sample of the bottled water.


“Let me introduce WAWA water to you From my own pocket I have created a brand for health purposes. Let’s make water cool again. I’ll be telling you soon which stores you’ll be getting them from but for now help me market my brand,” she wrote.

The vocalist urged business owners to patronise her new company. To all the club owners and business owners, restaurants, I ask for your support. I’m working on getting sparkling water too. Since this is directly from my pocket it will happen in stages.