Lady DU reveals the new car she bought for her mother but Mzansi spotted something else.

Lady Du is a South African Amapiano artist and DJ. She started working on her music career when she was nine years old but struggled to gain recognition in the competitive music scene in Mzansi. She had her breakout many years later in 2020 after almost giving up.

If there’s something that Lady Du is doing this year, is buying assets, she made headlines some couple of months ago when she bought a mansion and a Mercedes G-wagon and now she just bought her mom a Mercedes’ Benz C- class, but there could be more to that story.





2 days ago, Lady DU’s father Dj Choc made a video Insulting her , after her claims of growing up in a poor background, however her father made claims that he hustled so hard to ensure that she doesn’t suffer but all she did was stop studying and go out chasing men.

Now Mzansi thinks that she could have bought the car just to hurt his feelings, but that’s the story for another day. Yesterday Lady Du was on the tip of things making headlines after she posted a picture of her beautiful mother standing next to a Mercedes Benz C- class.

A lot of people congratulated her on Instagram but not on Facebook, her car was also shared on Facebook media houses and then South Africans went to spot something that everyone missed on Instagram, that the car is a second hand, turns out that she’s not clever as she thinks she is.