Lady Du – “My pen level is not for kids”

Lady Du brags about her pen game, emphasising on how she can come up with good lyrics in few minutes.

Taking to Instagram some days ago, the singer was seeing freestyling to an amapiano beat, and she nailed it.

Speaking of her writing skills on Twitter, Du said it took her years of practice to be very good.

“It takes me less than 5 mins to write a full song, all the verses and hook, ask anyone I’ve worked with in studio. I write songs when I get to studio. This is not something you learn in a day. Been writing songs all my life, I’ve mastered my craft. My PEN power is ON!” she said.

On Tuesday, the vocalist teased a collabo with Distruction Boyz and she hyped her pen game.

” I repeat my pen level is not for kids,” she said.