Lady Du Celebrates Completion of her Hair Salon

Lady Du eulogises herself for the hard work and consistency she’s invested over the years to reach this height of success. The Amapiano star shared her story with fans and encouraged them with her success story. Du shared a post about her Wawa beauty saloon which is yet to be launched. She further revealed that she own a construction company, though, she didn’t dwell much on the revelation.“Dear dreamer, God hears your prayers this took me 8 months to build from scratch I had pipe bursts flooding everything you can think of because this was the first property I bought, I knew nothing about construction. today I actually own a construction company,” she wrote.




“Here’s the lesson in this, no amount of pressure should get you to do things to impress people that don’t put food on your table, no level of fame should get you to over spend money you don’t have, life has no guarantee, talent won’t sustain you forever, start thinking out of the box and learn from our fallen legends.”

“I have never been a person that wants a lifestyle I know I can’t afford but I just want to make a difference not only in my life but people I grew up with.Lady Du speaks about the location of her salon, and further revealed that business will take place in the salon for one month before an official launch.My salon is in the hood, I chose to take it to a place I visited as a child, I’m a township girl and no amount of money will change that, pantsula till the wheels fall off.