Lady determined to take Mampintsha from Babes Wodumo, see what she wrote

Currently Babes Wodumo is at her lowest. Her music is not doing well like before and her weight loss is bringing all eyes on her which is a bad thing. Everybody loses weight at some point in life, either negligible or visible but we all do lose weight sometimes. People are making Babes Wodumo’s weight loss a big issue,busy comparing Wodumo’s old pictures and new pictures as if there are people who stay the same.

It became worse to such an extent that Mampintsha had to intervene and defend his wife. Sometimes people do all these things just for more likes and more reactions while hurting someone’s feelings. Hurting someone is like throwing a stone you never know how far it can go. People are trying to be famous by speaking bad about Babes Wodumo but it’s really breaking her apart.




A girl known as Buhle Zondeka caused commotion after mentioning Mampintsha several times and also asked people to do the same so she can get his attention. Her intentions are to replace Babes Wodumo, to take Wodumo’s position in Mampintsha’s life. She think she is slowly replacing Babes Wodumo, and obviously she’s one of those who are criticizing Wodumo’s weight loss, she just don’t know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

People were shocked because the girl was not shy she was just straight to the point. Babes Wodumo commented with a frowning emoji showing that she was indeed pissed off. Some fans tried to calm her down telling her to stop entertaining such kind of people. When people want you down they will try by all means to drag you, poor Babes Wodumo.

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