Lady Caused a Stir After She Posted a Photo with her Somalian Baby Daddy

One thing about South African girls is that they can do everything for money; some even end up dating foreigners who lure them with money and an expensive life. Many people have been warning that ladies should stop this thing of dating foreigners for money because they end up being human trafficked. We have heard so many stories of young girls who were left with a bunch of kids by their foreign boyfriends, who made them believe that they loved them.

Speaking on that, there is a young lady who left people so disgusted after she posted her Somalian boyfriend on Facebook. In her post, she wrote that she doesn’t need NSFAS money because her boyfriend makes money every day. According to those who know her closely, pretty has four children with her Somalian boyfriend, whom they started dating in 2019. Many people had been trying to warn her that one day this Somalian man will leave her with a bunch of kids and go to his mother land.




Although they say love conquers everything, sometimes we fail to differentiate between love and being used. You can find that this Somalian man has a wife and children at home, and he’s just pushing time with her while he’s around here. To all the ladies out there, stop dating foreigners. No matter how life has knocked you down, making babies with a foreigner in the hope that they will take you out of poverty is the most stupid decision you can ever make.

Pretty seems to be so in love with her Somalian boyfriend; all over her social media accounts, she’s always posting how proud she is to be a Somalian wife. If you can remember well, a few months ago there was a trending story of two Somalian brothers who killed a lady and cut her into pieces. It was just evident that these people don’t care about anyone’s life; they are here for business. Don’t be part of their business because one day you will cry.