Laconco thanking baby daddy for what he bought her see people comments

South African entrepreneur and reality TV star Nonkanyiso Conco, better known as LaConco, was born on 18 December 1991 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

After it was discovered that she was the wife of South Africa’s former by, Jacob Zuma, she rose to prominence there.

As a well-known Vuma FM host, Nonkanyiso Conco also donates a lot of time to charity. She advocates for the preservation of the Zulu traditions. The news that former Mzansi president Jacob Zuma wants to marry for the seventh time came as no surprise to anyone. Nonkanyiso Conco, however, was a shocking choice for his bride, and the news came as a shock to everyone. Their love affair was unusual because of the 52-year age difference between them.




People’s inability to accept Laconco and Jacob Zuma’s marriage and child after all these years is evidenced by the snarky and amusing reactions elicited by the mere mention of Zuma’s name.

Recently a picture of Lanconco wearing a gown was published on social media by a lady who goes by the name of Zanok. On the picture provided by Zanok, it is written: WE THANK THE SMALL THINGS, WE THANK THE BIGGER thingS, THANK YOU BABY DADDY FOR THE GOWN.

But people are not buying it, After reading this post people had a lot to say as there were speculations that Jacob Zuma and Laconco are no longer together, they feel that she only wants attention and there is a potential that she bought the gown herself. Jacob Zuma doesn’t even realize that he bought a gown. They also added claiming Laconco is in love with Zuma, but the question is doesn’t Zuma feel the same way.

You may be surprised by some of the feedback; for example, why would Laconco claim that Zuma purchased her a gown if he didn’t? And there’s certainly nothing wrong with occasionally expressing gratitude to the mother of your child with a thoughtful gift, which is likely why Zuma purchased this gown for her—winter, it’s so it’s appropriate. Individuals must refrain from negativity