Laconco shares her recent beautiful pictures and Mayeni comments on them.

BBL and also Lipo is one of the things that are trending right now and every lady wants to do it and look and feel amazing in the new bodies.

A lot of celebrities are now sharing their weightloss and also the surgeries they under went in order for the weightloss or their new body transformation and it is beautiful to see them owning up to that and also sharing their experience as well so that other’s that they are interested would also do it.


It is also no doubt that it is expensive but also worth the price as well because they all look amazing. Laconco Nonkanyezi is a South African media personality and a presenter as well and also not forgetting that she is a business lady as well.

She recently shared on her social media page that she under went Lipo to get rid of her waist and belly fats and she looks amazing.See below what her fans and family said.