LaConco praised for trying her best to speak Sotho

LaConco is the host of Ingane Yam’ and she is also a social media darling who has amassed a great following through being on Real Housewives of Durban. People were impressed last night when the KwaZulu Natal Native started speaking Sotho with her guest.

Social media was celebrating her ability to not just stick to Zulu but to broaden her horizons. This likely stems from the belief that Zulu people don’t learn other languages but she knocked these allegations out of the water completely. It’s always commendable when people leave their comfort zones to embrace another person’s culture.


Her guest did not deserve this treatment however as he had conceived another child while his girlfriend was in labour. It was a despicable story. I judged LaConco for being so blase about things in that case. It was horrendous. The show had everyone talking

Social Media Response

People were impressed with her ability to attempt another language

In a post with 52 likes, one user wrote, “The first Zulu speaking presenter to embrace and learn other language👌👌👌👌👌#inganeyam”