LaConco Exposes Another Lady Who Hides Secrets About Her Child In

Mzansi have reacted to the lady who recently appeared in #InganeYam show. Most participants in #InganeYam are men, confessing about secret kids. Very rare to see women as guests. On the previous show #InganeYam which was hosted by LaConco, we meet Boitumelo who slept with her boyfriend’s best friend and got a child through him.




A Lady wrote to the show to tell her boyfriend that the second child is not his, and he does not know it. The lady is saying that she was sleeping with them at the same time. The lady has asked her partner’s younger brother to assist with this secret.

How do you sleep with a man’s best friend, get pregnant and say it was a mistake or not intention, when you willingly opened your thighs took in everything that was given? There are many men’s who are deadbeats, while there are those who did not get a chance to be a father. Many people think that Boitumelo could have taken the secrets to the graves. Boitumelo decided to reveal the secrets because now the baby daddy is threatening to tell her boyfriend.

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