LaConco Celebrated Jacob Zuma’s Birthday But Mzansi Spotted This After She Posted This. See Picture

LaConco left her fans stitched after she celebrated his son and Former President Jacob Zuma’s birthday in social media. Mzansi could not help but to be suprised to see the massage and the picture which LaConco posted in her social media page.

The South African businesswoman and media personality Laconco left mzansi after she posted picture of her ex-husband Jacob Zuma. It turned our that today that LaConco’s child share birthday date with Jacob and she have celebrated their birthday.




With caption: “12 April a date that will forever be a celebration of my treasures. Happiest birthday babakhe and Sakhaumuzi. Zuma, Nina baka Lugaju kaMantomela kaShisa, Mashingizela ashiye impi yakhe🙌🏽.” She wrote.

Mzansi could not help but to question LaConco for hiding Her ex-husband face. People have noticed that she posted picture of her son together with Jacob Zuma who is holding the baby. Suprising thing is that she only shows Zuma Hans instead of face. People have been asking to know why she had to hid his face and only show hand?

LaConco was once married to former president Jacob Zuma and the two they share a son. LaConco is last and the youngest wife of Jacob Zuma. Former President Jacob Zuma is turning 80 years old. He was born in 12 April 1942. The age gap between her and Zuma is too much. Many people have been criticizing her for marrying Jacob Zuma. She is younger and younger that Zuma’s kids who is just 30 years old.

LaConco has been making wave after the divorce with Jacob Zuma. Mzansi think that’s the other reason she had to hide his face. Nevertheless we all know that everybody love Zuma. It will be selfish of her not to celebrate his baby daddy’s birthday. Many fans went in numbers to send their birthday wishes to Jacob Zuma and the the Junior. Jacob still remain the most loved former President even when his no longer a president.

Let’s send him out birthday wishes. His still our president and I know we all love him better than Ramaphosa.