LaC continues to confuse fans by wearing and removing her ex-engagement ring.

Laconco continues to confuse fans by wearing and removing her engagement ring, which she received from her ex-fiance Zuma.

Nonkonyiso Chonco is a very complicated character a lot is confusing about her. Not only are her friends puzzled and unsure about the kind of life she is leading, but even those who have been following her and wishing to follow in her footsteps are beginning to mistrust her.

Little is known about her, and finding out who she is requires extensive research, except from the fact that she is the former President’s fiancée and baby mama





Her friends from the reality show “The Real Housewives of Durban” were left scratching their brains trying to figure out who she really is because everything she told them turned out to be cooked up lies.

Nonkonyiso Chonco seemed to be a bubbly and truthful lady in the first episode, but in this second season, everyone was left with many unanswered questions, even the closest people who thought they knew who she was were left confused especially Londie.

As asked about her relationship status, she was confident in replying that people should do research on her, which they did, but when they tried to learn more about her, she kept erasing any inquiries that were posed about her. Even though we knew their relationship was over, she kept her ex-engagement fiance’s ring in the first episode, and then the ring simply vanished later.

We all believed LaC was ready to move on after she opened out about how things went wrong with the former President and how it affected her, but I think we were all incorrect because she still wears the engagement ring she received from the former President, despite her own statements to the contrary.

Nonkonyiso lied about everything, even the existence of a man named Petal. The engagement ring, which she kept taking on and off, is what’s really perplexing.

When she recently visited Nigeria’s Lagos, we were surprised to see the sole engagement ring she wasn’t wearing on her finger, which was quite surprising to us as fans and indicated that LaC has a lot to hidden from her admirers.