Kwesta’s wife leaves her fans speechless with recent post.

There are some friends they are just for keeps. It is very rare to find a friend that gets you and has back in everything. As people we rarely do anything for free. We always seek a reward or compensation. Which is not a good thing. We need to help each other genuinely.





One needs to be wise when choosing a partner. A person should have someone who has their back and helps them grow. Which is what rapper Kwesta did with his wife Yolanda. He even did a song about her tittle Khethile Khethile. Years late he is amongst the best rappers in the country.

Yolanda is not only supportive of her husband but she has her other business as well. We also can’t forget how beautiful she is. She had shared cute pictures of herself wearing a pink top with sneakers from the Drip and Fila collaboration. Her fans couldn’t stop eating out of her hands. She doesn’t look like a mother of two.