Kwesta’s wife and Thabsie cause a frenzy with their recent picture.

Some friendships end up becoming family. It even comes easier when you have a lot in common. We have often mistaken people liking the same things as jealousy but it actual fact it is just love. It happens when you are hanging around the same person, you start having similar tastes.

Thabsie is a musician, businesswoman and influencer. She’s made a huge name for herself after hit song with rapper Kwesta. The song has not only made her famous but has also given her family in Kwesta and his wife. She’s bestfriends with Yolanda, Kwesta’s wife. These two go everywhere together, that’s how deep the relationship is.

Yolanda has shared a cute picture of them out together. They were in red and green outfits, looking beautiful as always. We love how they frequently coordinate their outfits. Their fans couldn’t stop gushing over them. These two are like sisters and are smitten with one another.